What I have done

I am actively working on these products:
  1. www.kambamusic.com - A music platform targeting only one genre - Kamba (Kenyan Tribe) (Has over 12K users, processes over 1M Requests/Month).
  2. www.pesatime.com - An insanely easy to use Online Accounting Software for small business currently in beta with 5 active businesses using it. Ofcourse Kambamusic being one of them 😀
Past products
  1. www.ajirascore.com - A job search platform that uses advanced matching algorithms to automatically match candidates and employers.

Current status: Acquired by a canadian company and seized operations in primary market: Tanzania.
My Role: I was the technical co-founder and the CTO.

  1. Kunajam - Was a traffic
Upcoming products
  1. www.formlite.co - Create online forms and embedd them on your site. We handle all the data collection, analytics, auto integration with your other tools e.g. Email marketing softwares etc.
  2. www.sappota.com - A Knowledgebase as a service. Think of it as FAQs as a service - No landing page at the moment 🙊