I'm Mutinda Boniface - A Kenyan Software Engineer and an Entrepreneur building Internet products.

I usually help business effectively use technology to improve business efficiency and improve their customers lives.

I have been working on Software products for over 8years now

Intrested to see what I can do? Check it here
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Iam usually a all-round Dev/Problem Solver with a keen eye on UI/UX to make sure whatever I build doesn't suck to my customers.

I only work on products I love and care about.

I am tightening my gears to try out remote work as a Backend Engineer - "In companies I only believe in their product 😀"

You can contact me at

  • Email[📤] : hello@bmutinda.com
  • Phone [📞] : +255 756 702 476 / +254715 499 553
  • Skype [🗨] : webgeeker